Voice call is an important feature nowadays with the covid-19 pandemic. Voice call can be a really tricky feature to implement as a developer. The first question that can to my mind when I wanted to add that in my app was Where can I even start doing this ?. Well, with more research, I have implemented voice call in less than 2 hours and I will show you how.

Before Coding

Before we code, we need to create an agora account and get an app id. Go to https://agora.io, create an account after that, you will be in the agora dashboard.

Agora dashboard

Sublime Text is a great and fast text editor. I mainly use that for coding Python but for some weeks now, I also code Flutter on it

It is recommended to code Flutter on Android Studio, Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ. Those are also great text editors for Flutter because they give code completion, syntaxe analysis, great errors debugging and so on. That’s clear, you can not code flutter without one of those text editors or IDE.

So why am I using Sublime Text for Flutter ?

Well, for a few months now, I have been using a 2 Go Ram PC. Yep ! That’s not great. The minimum recommended…


Programmer from Africa. I’m here just to say a hello to the world.

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