FlutterFlow: Build Flutter apps without code.

Flutter have gain in popularity in developers world. It’s a great tool for building cross platforms apps. If you are a flutter developper, I’m sure, you love coding in flutter. But, All human is not a developer and some of them want a flutter but They can’t code that. Or, maybe you’re a developer and you just need a cool app in flutter without putting so much effort in coding.

“ The best developers are the laziest, they always find the easiest way to get the job done ”

FlutterFlow Interface

FlutterFlow can to resolve that. Yes, I know, like a developer, I’m not really happy seeing some jobs for developers will be gone, because the client can go simply to FlutterFlow and get his app easily. The other way, FlutterFlow will help beginner developers in flutter, no coding developers (visual programmers), and flutter programmers for small apps, because FlutterFlow does not give the flexibility and all the controls of the apps. So, not all applications can be done with FlutterFlow but FlutterFlow gives some avantages.

Firebase In FlutterFlow

I was amazed by the fact that we can connect an app with firebase directly and without coding also. No more need to download firebase_core, firebase_auth, cloud_firestore and build ourselves StreamBuilder.

Code Preview

I was really happy about the code generation. FlutterFlow generates good and clean codes that we can easily use in a real project.

FlutterFlow can not do everything, I am talking about state mamagements, native code support and more. But they say it is just the beginning, let’s see. As a developer caring about my job, I hope they won’t do too much 😉.

Programmer from Africa. I’m here just to say a hello to the world.